HonorBuddy – WoW PVP, Leveling and Questing Bot

Honorbuddy is a World of Warcraft PVP, Leveling and Questing Bot. Honorbuddy is as easy to setup as ABC.

With Honorbuddy you can use random battlegrounds as well as choose individual ones such as Alterac Valley, Warsong Gulch, Strand of the Ancients, Isle of Conquest, Arathi Basin, Eye of the Storm. In IoC and SotA it uses the portals correctly making it as human like as possible.

* Leveling 1 – 80, mostly done by 1 click from 1-60, 60-70, 70-80
* Skinning 1 – 450, Mining 1 – 300 , Herbalism 1 – 300 (both 450 with GB)
* Open source combat classes – fine build in ones as well as user made ones
* Fully unique Navigation System
* Vendor and Mail on full Inventory
* Open Source Plugin System (Plugins to train, use taxi, sell stuff on the auction house)

+ Added ‘Dark Iron Deposit’ to the list of minerals.
+ HB now logs all unhandled exception crashes into the Logs\Crashes folder. This makes it much easier to figure out causes of crashes and solve problems. The newest crash file should be included with a bug report.
+ HB now creates a folder called Settings in the root directory and saves all .xml files there to make it abit more tidy. (move all your settings files there if you don’t want to redo them)
+ HB can now ress at spirit healers, set it in the levelbot options. False by default
+ the Vendor class now has a new ctor, eg; ‘Vendor sellVendor = new Vendor(_me.CurrentTarget);’
+ UseItem tag pretty much rewritten! example, ‘<UseItem QuestName=”UseItem Test” QuestId=”363″ ItemId=”6948″ X=”1702.517″ Y=”1675.217″ Z=”134.2665″ />’ that one will move to x,y,z and then use the item->wait done!

FIX – Mesh folder path now has a default location at C:\Users\CurrentUsername\AppData\Local\HonorbuddyMeshes.
FIX – Mesh folder path will now be created, if it doesn’t already exist.
FIX – Won’t crash if there are no Settings folder in the root directory of hb.
FIX – Plugins won’t compile and give you compiler errors if you change to the plugins tab when not authed.
FIX – Training at class trainers that offers quests works now.
FIX – Looting chests actually works now.
FIX – Not pulling lower level mobs on a high level toon even tho they are in the targetlist/profile.
FIX – Collect/Kill quests won’t disregard low level mobs if the local player is high.
eg; lvl 23 warlock doing a level 14 quest, levelrange will become 9-23, evrything else is disregarded when roaming etc. only if mounted tho.
FIX – Pulling when mounted for no aparent reason.
FIX – Better corpse run logic
FIX – No more mounting when moving to targets.
FIX – Possible fix for ‘Raf’ not pulling leader’s target.

CHANGE – Moved LastSelectBotIndex from StyxSettings to a new class called CharacterSettings.

DOWNLOAD: (no pass)



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